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Mary's Story

My Name is Mary and I am 33 years old. I live in Cleveland Georgia, I have 3 beautiful children, a wonderful daughter-n-law and my first grandchild Anna Elizabeth was born in September. Here is my story and I really hope that someone out there will listen to what I am saying and take heed.

I am truly a walking miracle! By all standards I should not even be here to tell my story. I should have died 3 years ago......but by the Grace of God, I am still here!

I started using Meth at the age of 25, 8 months after my dad died. I had never even seen this drug prior to this. I was just looking for something to get me out of that slump I was in. I was sexually abused by grandfather from the time I was 3 until I was 13. I lived with my grandparents most of my childhood because that’s where my mother left me while my dad was in prison and she was out doing whatever it was that she was doing.

After being married at the age of 14, getting divorced and remarried at 16, I had my 3 beautiful babies. That marriage didn’t work out either. We just grew apart. I married my best friend and he and I had a wonderful marriage until Meth became my best friend and my worst nightmare! We were both addicted and growing apart! We ended up getting a divorce and I hit rock bottom. I had lost down to less than 100 lbs and I looked sick! Well, the reality of that is, I was sick! When I finally realized that I was getting absolutely no where, I hit my knees and I prayed like I have never prayed before! I begged God to help me overcome my addiction and to deliver me from this awful drug that had such a stronghold on me. He answered my prayers and kept me from going through the withdrawals that most people go through. So in that aspect I have been very lucky. However, I haven’t been so lucky with my health.

I now have C.O.P.D (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and I have a hole in my heart. This is all due to using Meth. I have to use a breathing machine 4 times a day. I take 3 pills a day just for my lungs in addition to 4 other pills for various other problems. My health will never get better, but by the Grace of God I am living a very happy, productive life! I am a youth leader in my church, I am on the Board of Preventions for the White County Meth Task Force and I am the Secretary for the Nar-Anon Family Support Group. So, as I close this let me be the one to say to you; PLEASE, if you are using Meth.....STOP! Stop now before its too late! If you know someone that is using, try to get that person some help! Don’t let them or yourself end up in my situation with a terminal illness! God answers all prayers; in His time! All you have to do is ask Him for help.....He always delivers!